Cookery Workshops @ Faversham Fine Dining

Curry and spice

4 Hours of fun and learning
Saturday 23 April, 21 May and 11June

If you love a curry this is for you I will talk you through the range of spices that make up what I think is one of the most complex culinary arts in the world. You will then make a range of Indian dishes and take home a meal for 2..

Bread and Flour

29 March 10 & 11 April Sold Out

I make bread almost every day and it is my valium! This workshop will guide you through the amazing range of flours, making a basic dough and how you can adapt this to make a multitude of stunning breads.

Fish and Seafood

Fun with FISH!

This workshop will teach you the principals of prepping fish and seafood. Fish can be difficult to cook but a few words of guidance on prep and cooking rules will go a long way to help you in using this amazing wild food.


Chorizo and Bacon Making Workshop

Learn the basics of making cured sausage and bacon. This 4 hour workshop will guide you through the principals of choosing the right meats, using equipment, curing principals and you will make your own Chorizo and Bacon to take home. Includes all ingredients and a curing pack for you to take home to further experiment.